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Our Services

We provide a customised personal set of accountancy services which best suit the needs of your contracting arrangement. We provide two types of services, the all inclusive monthly service and the ad hoc.

Monthly Services: Majority of our clients opt for this service. With a flat fee of £75 (VAT Incl.) per month we will complete your company accounts on quarterly bases so that you know every 3 months how much belongs to you and how much belongs to the tax man, so there are no surprises at the end of the year. We will look for ways to reduce the tax you pay on quarterly bases.

We will provide you with software that will need to be completed quarterly. This quarterly submission will enable us to produce profit and loss account and a balance sheet. We declare dividends and calculate your current position with regards to corporate and personal tax and thus able to keep you informed of your financial status regularly.

In summary, we do everything. The services included are:

Providing a one-to-one service guarantee
Quarterly Management Accounts
Payroll Services
VAT returns, if registered
Dividend administration
Personal and Corporate Tax Planning and Advice
Personal Tax Returns
Annual Company Returns
Corporate Tax Returns
Year end accounts
Unlimited support and advice from your dedicated accountant

Our ad hoc service focuses on the end of year procedures. This service is generally used by businesses that are confident in their own resources that feel they are capable of doing their own VAT returns, personal tax returns etc. If you do not require the monthly services you can go for the ad hoc services. The typical services our clients require are the yearend accounts, self assessment return and payroll services.

The fees are:

Year End Accounts and Company Tax / from £275
Payroll Services (2 employees on a monthly salary) / from £95
Personal Tax Returns / from £75
Quarterly Accounts / from £120

Our job as Accountants is to ensure you maximise profits, minimise tax and ensure government compliance issues are met.